MS Quick Ink Cartridge Filling Machine


  Product features
Versatile for refill shops..
Evacuates / Fills all Black & Color Cartridges
Evacuation adapters of  most popular cartridges are supplied with machine. 
Ink volumes are adjustable by manually ,it has 6 colors.
A special Vacuum is provided on machine
to get Prime/Balance and Repair the cartridges.
Vacuum draws ink out of nozzles & helps to repair the cartridges 
It has cleaning station which  cleans the cartridges loading cleaning fluid into the cartridges.
It doesn't require compressed air. Very powerful oil less pump motor 
eliminates to use of an external air compressor and it provides the 
ability evacuate, prime/balance without additional machine.
Easy to use, expendable for new cartridges.
Works only 220VAC Power source.

Size: 53x47x43cm  Weight: 15Kg.