MS Full Ink Cartridge Filling Machine
Product features
Vacuum Filling System,no leaking,no overflow,no color contamination.


Uses Vacuum Filling Technology.No need Vacuum Filling Chamber,very fast ,very accurate,no leaking,no overflow,no color contamination.No need cartridge filling experince or training,insert cartridge into the jig,secure cartridge by red handle,press Start button,a few seconds later take the cartridge as refilled and ready to print.How it fills the cartridges ? filling of all cartridges in MS Full machine by vacuum filling method through vent holes placed sides of the labels,for this reason, original labels of the cartridges must not be damaged or destroyed,otherwise filling will be failed.

 Basic machine comes with one Black and one Color filling adapters, make and model of the adapters must be specified during order,additional each adapter together with control valves ( inside and outside) for color adapter US$ 395,00 and for Black adapter US$ 245,00.Avilable adapters are as follows 1. HP 21/27/56/336/337/338/300/350/901/816/827/818  and similar black cartridges 2. HP 22/28/57/300/342/343/344/351/901/ 817/828/58/855 and similar color cartridges 3.Lex 16/17 Black, 4. Lex 26/27 Color, 5. Lex 1,35 Black, 6.Lex 23/32 Color, 7.Lex 82 Black, 8. Lex 31/42/83 Color, 9.Canon 40/50 Black, 10. Canon 41/51/52 Color, please ask for your other adapter requirements. To replace and install the additional adapters are pretty easy.

Machine has also one cleaning station,specially to clean the color contaminated cartridges by pure water or cleaning fluid, One vacuum unit to empty the cartridges or doing Prime Balance.

It dosen't require compressed air,it builded with a very powerfull vacuum pump motor,works very quitly.Power compsuntion is very low.

Dimensions : 100x40x30 cm. Weight: 25 Kg. 220V/50 Hz. Power supply.