VMS DTC DeskTop Centrifuge



Product features
Emptying & Cleaning with Universal Plate..
Very silent,no noise during operation..

 The machine's main advantages:
1. It is the universal type. Any desktop Print Cartridge can be used in the machine, which will spin off the residual ink through centrifugal force.
2. The running speed can be adjusted. You can change running speed through the adjustment knob. The maximum speed is 4000 r/min (usually 3000 r/min is reasonable).
3. Timing is acceptable by the machine. The operate time of the centrifuge can be set as needed through regular knobs. The maximum time you can set is one hour. When the time is up, the machine will immediately turn off automatically.
4. The residual ink will outflow from the machine automatically. Under the centrifugal rotary table there is a basin for the residual liquid ink. When the residual ink is swung out of the cartridge to the basin, it will flow out to the cans outside of the machine you prepared.
5. It is efficient. You just fix the cartridge into the  machine, cover the lid of the machine, all the residual ink will be swung out in two minutes which is more than 60% shorter than other methods used to remove residual ink. Once you can fix four cartridges into the machine, which takes even shorter time for each cartridge.